CS 144: Introduction to Computer Networking, Fall 2019

Course basics

LecturesMonday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:30 p.m.–3:20 p.m. in room 320-105
Lab sessionsTuesday, 7:30 p.m.–10 p.m. in STLC 114
Exams Midterm: Wednesday, October 30.   Final: Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 9–11 a.m. (Building 420, room 41)
Practice midterm Answer key
Practice final Answer key
Contact To contact the course staff, please feel free to use Piazza, the lab sessions, or office hours. For private matters or accommodation letters, please email the instructors (cs144-aut1920-staff@lists.stanford.edu).
Syllabus/logistics Syllabus/logistics handout
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Keith Winstein

Email: Winstein email address
Office hours: in lab session

Nick McKeown

Email: McKeown email address
Office hours: Monday 4:30-5:30pm in Gates 344

Course Assistants

Sarah Tollman head CA
Email: stollman at stanford

Nicholas Hirning
Email: nhirning at stanford

Alex Ozdemir
Email: aozdemir at stanford

William Zhuk
Email: waz at stanford

Sadjad Fouladi
Email: sadjad at cs.stanford

Emily Marx
Email: emarx1 at stanford

Video Weeks and Online Quizzes

Please note: videos have moved to SUclass, which also hosts the completion quizzes, but are the same videos posted here originally.

Lab Assignments

FAQ Answers to common questions about lab assignments.

Out: Sept. 23, due Sept. 30, 5 p.m.
Out: Oct. 4, due Oct. 11, 5 p.m.
Out: Oct. 11, due Oct. 18 Oct. 23, 5 p.m.
Out: Oct. 23, due Nov. 6, 5 p.m.
Out: Nov. 16, due Dec. 4, 5 p.m. (extra credit if handed in before Nov. 22, 5 p.m.)
Out: Dec. 3, due Dec. 6, 11 p.m.

Lecture Notes

Week 1
Monday, Sept. 23
Wednesday, Sept. 25
Friday, Sept. 27
Week 2
Wednesday, Oct. 2
Friday, Oct. 4
Week 3
Monday, Oct. 7
Wednesday, October 9
Week 5
Monday, Oct. 21
Wednesday, October 23
Friday, October 25
Week 6
Monday, October 28
Week 7
Monday, November 4
Physical Layer (same slides for Wednesday Nov. 6)
Friday, November 8
Week 8
Friday, November 15
Week 9
Monday, November 18
Wednesday, November 20
Friday, November 22
Week 10
Wednesday, December 4